Meeting the Glambert: a GIF story

I decided I’m gonna tell stories with gifs now when I get bored because DAMN It is fun. xD

But today is special.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of my first time seeing Adam Lambert live. <3

Today is the 2 year anniversary of this. x3

now enjoy the story.

So it was May 18th, the day of my Adam Lambert concert. That morning, I woke up, my emotions practically the same as

Then I was like wait a minute it’s May 18th

May 18th = Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert =

So I went to school and during all of my classes I was just like

Finally we got to the concert.

My sister took me and she wasn’t nearly as excited, she was just like “ohmygod concert” so this was us

So then I’m all SIS I WANT A T-SHIRT



so she’s all fine

So we’re walking around and I’m really happy, then I stop. I had a sudden.. sudden feeling that something was going to happen and I had to stay where I was.

So then the door next to me opens.

Guess who just decides to walk in?

My feelings:

My sister:

Adam’s derping:

Then who else walks in?

Then I’m all

Adam said hi and waved and Tommy waved and asked what’s up and god their eyes are… /dies

So then I’m texting everyone all

We go to the concert and it’s taking forever cause it’s not only Adam, it was Kiss Fantabuloso, which is like a mix of… 15 artists. So Carly Rae Jepson is singing and to be honest she was damn adorable..  but her voice.. no. Too high pitched. I was ready to die after the first song, and then all the dumbass preps around me were all LOL CALL ME MAYBE and I was like

Anyways then they had technical difficulties for about an hour. I was all


I see Tommy and Ashley and Isaac get on stage so I’m all

And then Adam comes on and starts singing.

So after it all was over, I was so happy. But I had feelings again. So, I walk back to where I first saw Adam and Tommy. When I get there, these two girls walk out. They ask me if I was at the Meet and Greet. My feelings were like-

there’s a meet and greet? they got to meet Adam personally?



And then it was like

and then the same as before

So the two girls disappear.
My sister comes over all 


So she walked over when I was like the last gif, so she got to see me continue with it and be all

So I run backstage and there’s people, so I literally go

And then I’m all

And Adam’s all Awwww I’m so happy my fans love me <3

Then I came to him.

So I’m just.. clinging to him and molesting him and he was so sweet x3

It was like
"aww sweetie <3 *hug*"

"haha, how nice of you <3 *hugs tighter*"

So I’m all

So my sister came and ruined it and we took pictures.

Adam’s all “Thanks for coming :DD”
"Thank you for living :’I"
"*laughs* No problem honey~"

So then I showed him my henna tattoo of the Eye of Horus and he showed me his and we were happy. Then my sister dragged me away.

Leaving the building was somewhat like this.

That painful hitting the railing was that I wasn’t gonna see him again in a few moments.

So then my sister and I were all



The next day-

Found pictures of myself with the beautiful man online

Then all day:

Then that night at 11 pm:

hey guess what?


you have a huge 100 point History project due tomorrow you didn’t even start.

So then my attitude… turned bad.

But the reality was I was like that because I never got the damn t-shirt

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